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Blank - A starter theme for Shopify

Blank - A starter theme for Shopify

Posted by Gary Doer1 minutes read

What is a Blank theme?

Blank theme is also known as base or naked themes. The blank theme is basically the starting point from where you can build your own theme. These are the pre-built frameworks that speed up the initializing process for developers.

In short, there are some things you have to do for every single theme. Every. Single. Theme. Laying this basic foundation can be a little boring. Customizing the theme allows you to let loose your creative side, but first, you have to get through the tedious start.

Why use Blank Shopify themes?

Blank Shopify themes speed up your workflow by reducing the amount of code you need to write. Having a skeletal foundation means you don’t have to do the same initiation process over and over every time you need to start creating a new theme.

In addition, using a Blank Shopify theme lowers the chances of you forgetting critical files or code required for a theme to function properly.

What are some of it's "features"?

  • Things are as semantically marked up as can be for a starter theme.
  • It's HTML5.
  • It includes some asset files (Javascript and CSS)
  • It includes config.yml to easier to use Shopify Theme Kit

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Gary Doer

Gary Doer

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